How to Work for Assignment on Transportation Model

Transportation Model
Writing an assignment is not an easy task. This is because it requires tons of knowledge and writing skills. Teachers assign projects to students for checking their academic performance. Suppose you’re asked to write an assignment on the transportation model. To write your assignment effectively, you have to equip yourself with specific tools first. This article will discuss how you can write a practical assignment on this model. It will also discuss the transportation model in detail. But before going into further details, let’s discuss the transportation model first.
What is Transportation Model?

The transportation model is a special type of linear programming problem (LLP). The objective of this model is to make a model which ensures the following aspects;
  • Minimising the cost of distribution of a product from the source.
  • Determining the low-cost locations, and routes.
  • Finding a minimum-cost production schedule.

It is a tool that most project planners use for transporting different things from one location to another. It is a model used for solving supply-demand problems in general. Each source has a limited supply, and each destination has a specific demand. The planner has to make a model which satisfies the needs of both sources, as well as the destination. This highlights the main use of the transportation model. While writing an assignment on transportation models, a student must always keep the aforementioned in mind.

Types of Transportation Model Problems

A model solves different problems. And the transportation model also solves two different kinds of transportation problems. A brief description of these two problems is as follows;

Balanced Transportation Problems

Balanced transportation problems are rare to be seen. In such problems, total supply is equal to total demand. In other words, we can say that total units at the source are equal to the destination’s demand. Let’s understand this with the help of an example. For example;

The sugar demand of the four districts of Punjab is 28 metric tonnes. The sugar mills on their depots have the exact amount of sugar, i.e., 28 metric tonnes. This will be considered a balanced transportation problem.

Unbalanced Transportation Problem

The second type of problem you may face while writing an assignment on the transportation model is unbalanced. In such problems, the supply is not equal to demand. The planners introduce a dummy destination into the model for making demand-supply equal to demand. The shipping cost for this destination will be zero. In cases where supply is greater than demand, excess supply will go to the warehouses. It will be stored there and used when the need arises. This sums up the concept of an unbalanced transportation problem. However, if you still face any problems, you can hire best assignment writing services to get help from them.
Applications of Transportation Model

Like the transportation model solves many problems, it has many applications within the industry as well. The planning managers use this model for planning the supply regarding demand of products effectively. The significant applications of this model are as follows;
  • Minimising shipping costs.
  • Determining the low-cost location.
  • Finding a minimum-cost production schedule.
  • Military distribution system.

How to Write Assignment on Transportation Model?

I hope you’re aware of the transportation model now. In the next section of this article, we will discuss how to develop an assignment. A brief description of all the steps within this context is as follows;

Use All Available Resources:

Writing an assignment on a transportation model can be daunting. First, you need to see all the resources that you have. When I say all the resources, it means all the resources. The teachers’ guidelines, the book notes, as well as class notes are all considered resources. A student has to make extensive use of all the available information when drafting an assignment. Hence it is always advisable to pen down all the important deadlines, and points regarding this. For example, you can take a print of the rubrics and grading policy of the assignment. The rubrics will help you in staying on the right track.

Plan Before You Write:

Planning is a very important aspect for any activity/operation/task. The transportation model is also a model used that is used for planning the routes, and destinations of products. You will be given multiple routes, supplies, and demands of destination. So how can one student cope with all this information? It seems impossible. But through proper planning, this can be made possible. For this, students must look at their assignments thoroughly, and devise a plan before they start writing.

Planning will allow students to integrate the whole assignment into smaller chunks. The smaller chunks can be solved and analysed very quickly. So it can be said that planning before writing holds immense importance if one wants to write a successful assignment on the transportation model.


After making a plan, it’s time to conduct research on the transportation model. Transportation models are LPP’s in reality, and they require a thorough knowledge of solving linear programming models. This also involves excessive use of planning and mathematical problems. In the research phase, a student also conducts research on methods of solving the transportation model. The famous methods within this context are as follows;
  • Northwest Corner Method (NWCR)
  • Vogle approximation methods
  • Row minima methods
  • Column minima method
  • Least cost method
Among all the methods mentioned above, NWCR is the most famous, and widely used one.

Start Writing:

When you’ve done everything including making a plan and researching the topic, it’s time to start writing the assignment on the transportation model. In the first step, you have written down the rubrics of your assignment. Before writing, take a look at the rubrics once again. Many times, teachers provide students with the names of chapters to include. So it is always recommended to check the chapters and see if any are recommended. If there are no such guidelines, you can start writing by following the standard format. The standard format of an assignment includes the following sections;
  • Introduction
  • Main body
  • Conclusion
  • Bibliography
Students must also take good care of the bibliography section. This is because copying data and not citing it properly is considered an academic crime. It can also lead students to jail in extreme cases.
Conclusion Writing an assignment on transportation models requires extensive research. Here research and problem-solving skills are increasingly required as compared to writing skills. This is because the transportation model is all about different supply-demand questions. And if you follow the points mentioned above, you’ll surely be able to draft an excellent assignment and get amazing grades as well.

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